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CAMWorks platform for CNC programming

For CAM Functions, Quicker is Better

Geometric anticipating faster programming, set-up and machining time with new CAMWorks 2015 Reducing design-to-part cycle Interpreting non-prismatic surfaces Integrated true G-Code simulation

Geometric, developers of manufacturing software, including the CAMWorks platform for CNC programming, will preview the forthcoming CAMWorks 2015 release at IMTS 2014 in Chicago in September, emphasizing that standard operating conditions for manufacturers demand that they have more resources available. They “need to be able to do more with less,” the developer announced, “less design time, program time, set-up time and machining time. CAMWorks 2015 focuses on making the entire design to part cycle shorter.”

CAMWorks, a parametric, solids-based CNC programming software system that uses patented Feature Recognition technology together with “toolpath to solid-model associativity” and knowledge-based machining. CAMWorks is designed to operate in the SolidWorks CAD environment, and also is available as a standalone CAD/CAM package that includes CAMWorks Solids, an integrated solid modeler.

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