Qualcomm to Build New Plant in Taiwan

Plant will focus on 'Mirasol technology, which consumes less power than traditional displays

Qualcomm plans to spend one billion dollars to build a plant in Taiwan to produce new, energy-efficient displays used in tablet devices and e-books, an official said on Jan. 4.

The plant, located in the town of Lungtan in northern Taiwan, is scheduled to start operations in 2012 and will focus on so-called "Mirasol" technology, which consumes less power than traditional displays, the official said.

"The plant is crucial as it will introduce to Taiwan the know-how for manufacturing next-generation flat-screens," said the official, with the economics ministry's Department of Investment Services.

Panels using this type of technology are used in a range of electronic products including Apple's popular iPad to hand-held games consoles.

Taiwan's liquid crystal display industry is a world leader, with production valued at a total of 1.5 trillion Taiwan dollars (US$50 billion) last year, figures compiled by the ministry showed.

Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2011

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