3-D Printing: 'Like Having China in Your Garage'

3-D printing is "dismantling to economies of scale" and marks the beginning of a whole new paradigm in manufacturing, according to Hugh M. Evans of 3D Systems. He told the crowd at the IndustryWeek Best Plants conference that this emerging technology is still in its infancy, and will unleash tremendous change and value in industries ranging from medicine to aerospace. 

Evans talked about a Mars probe that NASA needed built for less cost. 3-D printing was engaged and brought the number of total parts from 1,500 to 11 and the cost from over $200 million to about $2 million. 

He added that 3-D printing will allow "global design and local production" rather than the other way around, where you have, say, a shoe designed in Portland, Oregon and produced en masse in Indonesia. With 3-D printing, anyone anywhere can produce a design, with the product produced close to the market where the demand is.

Click on the video below to watch an in-depth interview with Mr. Evans conducted by IndustryWeek's Travis Hessman. 

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