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Dennis Scimeca

Phone: 603-891-9136

Dennis Scimeca is a veteran technology journalist with particular experience in vision system technology, machine learning/artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and interactive entertainment. He has experience writing for consumer, developer, and B2B audiences with bylines in many highly regarded specialist and mainstream outlets.

At IndustryWeek, he covers the continuing expansion of new technologies into the manufacturing world and the competitive advantages gained by learning and employing these new tools.

He also seeks to build connections between manufacturers by sharing the stories of their challenges and successes employing new technologies. If you would like to share your story with IndustryWeek, please contact him at [email protected].

What To Pitch

Informing my audience as to what manufacturing technologies are currently in use and generating real-world results, such that readers can use IndustryWeek's Technology and IIoT section as a resource for considering future plans, serves as my number one priority. Therefore, before pitching me a story, you may consider the following:

  • Is this project still in development or incorporated into live operations?
  • Can I speak plainly to qualitative or quantitative benefits of using the technology?

There are two general exceptions to this rule that I follow:

  • Cybersecurity stories - as long as they are manufacturing-centric and/or significant hacks of big companies that plainly demonstrate the costs of not tending to cybersecurity
  • Emerging technologies - manufacturers are still coming to grips with 5G networks, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and autonomous vehicles in general, to cite some examples. Experimental deployments may have some value to cover even with only soft qualitative feedback as to efficacy.

On SME Interviews

I rarely conduct interviews with subject matter experts as standalone pieces. However, I very often suggest these SMEs pitch contributed content, instead, if the subject matter is interesting and relevant. Here are the guidelines for pitching contributed content to IndustryWeek:

First, you’ll want to take a look at our contributor guidelines, here:

Then, when you’re ready to make the pitch, you would send it here: [email protected]