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IndustryWeek US 500
2019 IW U.S. 500

The 2019 IndustryWeek U.S. 500

IW's exclusive ranking of America's largest public manufacturing companies.

The annual IW U.S. 500 ranks the largest and top revenue-generating public manufacturers in the country.

This free database includes the full ranking of this year's class—sortable by ranking, industry, and financial performance (based on 2018 performance)—plus a complete data profile for each company on the list.

To sort the list, click the column heading of the data you'd like to re-order. To sort in reverse, click the column heading a second time. For the full company data set, just click the company name.

Check out IW's full catalog of IW U.S. 500 articles, galleries and content.


  • Manufacturing companies with a majority of their business in a manufacturing industry
  • Companies that generated less than 50% of revenues from manufacturing, but more revenue from manufacturing than the lowest-revenue-producing companies on this year’s list.
  • Oil and gas companies that derive at least 50% of their revenues from the refining of oil and gas products.
  • Companies that derive at least 50% of their revenues from the manufacture of mined materials.

 Erik L. Fine, a Charlotte, N.C.-based information consultant involved in the IW U.S. 500 since its inception, oversaw the analysis and data-collection effort.

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