Mapping the 2008 500 Largest U.S. Manufacturers -- Home Bases

Mapping the 2008 500 Largest U.S. Manufacturers -- Home Bases

Texas and California lead the way with more than 50 IW U.S. 500 manufacturing companies headquartered in each state.

It makes sense that the two most populous states also are home to the most IW U.S. 500 manufacturers. California tops the list with 61 manufacturers residing in the state, and Texas is close behind with 57 IW 500 companies calling it home.

In Texas, Big Oil is king with the largest IW 500 manufacturer Exxon Mobil Corp. located there along with competitors ConocoPhillips (No. 3), Valero Energy Corp. (No. 9), Marathon Oil Corp. (No. 13) and Tesoro Corp. (No. 49). High-tech industry rules in California where Silicon Valley lays claim to several IW 500 manufacturers, including Intel Corp. (No. 27), Cisco Systems Inc. (No. 30) and Hewlett-Packard Co. (No. 7).

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New York ranks third with 41 manufacturers on the IW 500. Several publishing companies locate their main operations in the Empire State, including Time Warner Inc. (No. 21), News Corp. (No. 38) and McGraw-Hill Cos. Inc. (No. 149). The state is also home to many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products manufacturers, including Pfizer Inc. (No. 20), Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (No. 56), Estee Lauder Cos. Inc. (No. 144) and Revlon Inc. (No. 442).

The Midwest remains home to many traditional heavy manufacturing operations. General Motors Co. (No. 4) and Ford Motor Co. (No. 6) still operate their headquarters and churn out vehicles in Michigan, which boasts 26 IW 500 manufacturers. With 33 manufacturers on the IW 500, Ohio stakes claim to steel products manufacturer Timken Co. (No. 182) and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. (No. 54).

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