IW U.S. 500: Top Fabricated Metals Companies (slideshow)

Aug. 15, 2022
The largest producers of fabricated metal products from the IW U.S. 500 list of largest publicly traded manufacturing companies in the country.

Making things out of metal was a pretty good business to be in during 2021. As a group, sales were up 14.3% to nearly $100 billion, based on statistics from the IW U.S. 500 list of the largest manufacturing companies in the United States.

Part of the revenue increases was inflationary, passing along cost increases for metals to consumers. However, the underlying financial strength of the sector was clear in its 41.5% increase in profitability – effectively a return to profits following 2020’s COVID-19 shutdowns.

Fabricated metals producers weren’t the fast-growing businesses in the economy last year. For more details on which businesses grew the fastest, read the story from IndustryWeek’s summer issue.

IW U.S. 500 Rank

Primary Industry


2021 Revenue (in millions)

2021 Profit Margin

2021 Net Income (in millions)

2021 Revenue Growth

96Fabricated Metal ProductsStanley Black & Decker Inc.$15,61710.82%$1,68919.6%
101Fabricated Metal ProductsIllinois Tool Works Inc.$14,45518.64%$2,69415.0%
109Fabricated Metal ProductsBall Corp.$13,81     16.36%$87817.2%   
123Fabricated Metal ProductsCrown Holdings Inc.$11,394-4.91%-$56021.3%
166Fabricated Metal ProductsFortune Brands Home & Security Inc.$7,65610.09%$77225.7%
168Fabricated Metal ProductsArconic Corp.$7,504-5.29%-$39732.2%
211Fabricated Metal ProductsSilgan Holdings Inc.$5,6776.33%$35915.3%
216Fabricated Metal ProductsCornerstone Building Brands Inc.$5,58311.93%$66620.9%
269Fabricated Metal ProductsTimken Co.$4,1338.93%$36917.6%
317Fabricated Metal ProductsCrane Co.$3,18013.69%$43515.2%
354Fabricated Metal ProductsEncore Wire Corp.$2,59320.88%$541103.0%
376Fabricated Metal ProductsGriffon Corp.$2,2713.49%$799.9%
414Fabricated Metal ProductsHarsco Corp.$1,848-0.17%-$320.5%
448Fabricated Metal ProductsSimpson Manufacturing Co. Inc.$1,57316.93%$26624.1%
463Fabricated Metal ProductsSunCoke Energy Inc.$1,4562.98%$439.2%
468Fabricated Metal ProductsYeti Holdings Inc.$1,41115.07%$21329.2%
486Fabricated Metal ProductsBarnes Group Inc.$1,2597.94%$10012.0%
496Fabricated Metal ProductsPGT Innovations Inc.$1,1622.83%$3331.6%
498Fabricated Metal ProductsBrady Corp.$1,14511.33%$1305.9%

Data provided by Seeking Alpha and S&P Global.

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