Answer These Questions To Help Assess Your IT Performance

In order to counter questions as to the business value of IT, companies are looking for ways to measure IT performance.

"While it's important to measure individual project success (or failure), it's equally important to measure the organization's ability to consistently meet its targets for overall benefits realized. Our research with companies leading the charge here shows that companies that take the "big picture" approach to the IT/business-benefit question gain valuable insight into what really works," explains Dennis Gaughan, research director at AMR Research.

In an article titled "How To Link IT Performance Management to Benefits Realization", Guaghan found when benefits realization measurement is linked to IT performance management a framework for continuous business improvement is created.

He offers these questions as a guide to analyze benefits:

  • Which executive sponsors have a higher success rate for benefits realization?
  • What departments of business units are more successful?
  • Which project managers are more successful at achieving benefit targets?
  • Why are they more successful?

For a copy of the report visit:

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