Cisco Announces New Supply Chain Solution at IW's Smart Manufacturing 2005 Conference

Looking into and across the global supply chain just got easier with the introduction of the Cisco Demand Driven Supply Chain (DDSC) solution. The announcement of this second solution of Cisco's Intelligent Networked Manufacturing strategy was made at IndustryWeek's SMART Manufacturing 2005 conference held in Bloomingdale, IL earlier this week.

Using the Internet, users can integrate information across the entire manufacturing workflow regardless of location. "This solution will let us converge worldwide resources to respond immediately to customer needs. We might connect a customer in China to a service person in Germany, who could dispatch the necessary part from a Singapore facility," said Lee Blake, general manager, Adept Services. "We know what parts are available, where they're located, where they're needed and how to ship them fast and cost-effectively."

Working with D.W. Morgan, DDSC provides a secure environment in which companies can respond to customer demand while sharing real-time information will all of its collaborators. Given the turnaround dictated by customers today, the ability to quickly reach supply chain partners is key to remaining competitive today.

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