A "Data Vault" For Small-Mid-Sized Companies

Data management services company Autoweb, announced the arrival of a new product aimed specifically at small- to mid-sized companies. Data Vault is a hosted product data management (PDM) solution that provides version tracking, lifecycle management, file level management and document search capabilities on demand.

"Autoweb is pleased to bring Data Vault to a market that has long seen the rewards of owning a PDM solution but hasn't been able to allocate resources and deploy a PDM solution internally. Data Vault is an effective data management solution that helps these companies to know where their data is, know its status, know it's secure and know that it's right," Nino DiCosmo, CEO of Rochester Hills, Mich.-based Autoweb.

Larger manufacturers have been able to take advantage of the benefits of PDM that include reduced data errors, increased engineering efficiencies and increased intellectual property protection. Using an on-demand based model, smaller companies will have access to the same benefits.

Autoweb Inc.

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