DuPont Signs On For 7 More Years Of IT Outsourcing

Happy with the job that Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) has done over the past eight years, DuPont has signed on for seven more years at cost of $1.9 billion. When DuPont tapped CSC to manage a variety of IT projects in 1997, 2,600 DuPont employees transferred to CSC. Over the years CSC, an El Segundo, Ca.-based information technology services company, has directed a major SAP implementation and implemented a number of supply-chain initiatives.

By signing a long-term contract, DuPont is bucking recent industry trends of shorter contracts with multiple vendors. DuPont CIO Robert Ridout said outsourcing the company's IT support to a single vendor helps DuPont in "streamlining our global business operations."


Computer Sciences Corp

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