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An Easier Way to Develop Software Applications for Mobile Devices

CaptureSoft eXpress enables rapid development for custom applications.

Barcoding Inc., a provider of automated data capture (ADC) solutions, recently introduced CaptureSoft eXpress, a new web-based tool that can enable users to quickly and easily develop software applications for their company's mobile devices.

Designed for a variety of business applications, such as field service, route accounting, data entry, fixed asset tracking and inventory management, CaptureSoft eXpress provides an e solution for creating light, customized software. A simple interface guides the user through the step-by-step process of developing a customized software application which can then be published for use in a wide variety of mobile devices.

"Mobile commerce is increasingly important across a wide range of industries, but from a software perspective, it has been costly and complicated for companies looking for applications specific to their unique needs. CaptureSoft eXpress was designed to lower those barriers. If you can operate a computer and a handheld scanner, you can create custom applications in just a few minutes," explains Jay Steinmetz, CEO, Barcoding, Inc.

Once data is captured in field operations, the data can then be transmitted to the eXpress server via a batch or real-time WIFI process. The solution enables a user to view the information through the eXpress web application or the data can be transmitted and transferred to their computer.

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