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Epicor Updates Automotive Software

With information technology spending in the automotive market at $1.6 billion this year alone according to Garnter Inc., Epcior Software Corp. is making sure it addresses this sector's needs. In its new offering, Epicor for Automotive, its service-oriented architecture (SOA) product, Epicor Vantage has added new features and functionally.

The real-time enterprise solution designed to support paperless manufacturing, offers embedded Customer relationship management, advanced planning and scheduling and manufacturing execution systems functionality, along with out-of-the-box connectivity for streamlined supplier and customer collaboration. Additionally, Epicor for Automotive offers real-time dashboards and over 250 analytics.

Epicor for Automotive includes new demand management functionality that can manage long-term Just-in-Time (JIT) contracts. The system handles creation, analysis, manipulation and reconciliation of cumulative records for customer releases allowing users to set forecasts, and un-firm and firm releases. New capabilities automate processes associated with purchase contracts for businesses that purchase inventory items via delivery schedules that undergo regular revision and against which regular ongoing deliveries are made. The entire process is automated, for cycle time savings as the system inputs requirements calculated by the "Generate Purchase Order Suggestions" task is turned into delivery schedules, which then can be adjusted to conform to specific requirements of suppliers, inventory control and production efficiency.

The systems can also support handheld transactions which enable manufacturers to leverage RFID devices by allowing the entry of transactional data into the Epicor system by scanning barcodes on the shop floor.

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