Manufacturers Need To Learn The Joy Of Search Engines

For some reason, manufacturers have not jumped on the search engine bandwagon and they are missing out on valuable sales leads. According to a study of 350 manufacturers titled "U.S. Manufacturers Resist Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Sales Leads," prepared by Cleveland, Ohio-based Fathom SEO, 75% of U.S. manufacturers don't appear to use effective keywords in the home page title tag, which influences how well a Web site will rank on search engines. More than 80% don't use a suitable title on primary interior pages, which also limits the chance that a customer can find their latest products.

"It doesn't make sense for manufacturers to ignore SEO," said Michael Murray, vice president of Fathom SEO. "Whether it's one local facility or a large company with many regional offices, these businesses often sell throughout the United States, and globally in some cases. An effective SEO strategy can take them to the top of search engines -- a prime way to attract new customers."

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