New Software Finds Problems Before They Occur

The IPC Capacity Manager software scours the IT infrastructure looking for potential failure. Created by HyPerformix, an Austin, TX-based software company, the IPC Capacity Manager employs production environment models based on future workload projects to seek our potential problems.

"For many enterprises, it is difficult to maintain acceptable service levels because IT infrastructures and workloads constantly change due to the introduction of new hardware, software, and shifting demand," said HyPerformix chief technology officer, Bruce Huang. "To combat this issue, companies are increasing their efforts to proactively manage service levels and changing business processes by focusing more attention on predictive performance management."

Using models to predict future IT issues is a better alternative that what manufacturers have been using according to Jean-Pierre Garbani, research director at Forrester Research. In a presentation he gave earlier this year he said, "Today's applications are an increasingly complex aggregate of many moving parts, and problems lurk not only in the code, but in architecture, platform configuration, links with dependent internal or external systems, and infrastructure capacity. Resolving these issues in production by throwing hardware at them is the most costly and ineffective approach possible. Yet because hardware is cheap, it is often the remedy of choice."

IPS Capacity Manager is used in the production phase and provides response-time and capacity forecasting from the perspective of the end-user. This software can be integrated with performance monitoring products offers by companies such as IBM, HP and Mercury.


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