Open Source E-mail Marketing Software

Want to start a customer cultivation program, without all those expensive contracts? Build your own!

Open source e-mail marketing software company OpenENM has recently re-licensed (to an OSI certified license) and added a new feature set that allow the sending of professional e-mail newsletters and e-mail blasts easier for the user.

OpenEMM's send module has been extended to now also permit the e-mail provider's mail server to be used to send the newsletter. For users with dynamic IP addresses, this optimizes sending of e-mails regarding deliverability. Alternatively, OpenEMM itself can handle the transmission.

Further new features of OpenEMM 5.3 include:

  • Automatic recognition of gender and the desired e-mail format
  • An import wizard reports sources of error such as duplicate column designations.
  • OpenEMM possesses the capability to manage multiple users who access it.
  • An improved rights and permissions function such that the rights are no longer enabled individually, but can also be enabled according to topic blocks.
  • Simplified creation of target groups
  • Display of security of password used
  • Improved protection against cross-site scripting

From version 5.3, OpenEMM uses the new open source "Common Public Attribution License (CPAL)". This license was certified at the end of July by the Open Source Initiative (OSI), meaning that there are no hidden costs or rights limitations in OpenEMM, and that OpenEMM is certified as open source software.

OpenEMM 5.3 is available now for download at

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