Partnership Improves ERP Integration

NetSuite, Informatica join forces to capitalize on two-tier ERP rollouts.

NetSuite, a provider of cloud-based financials/ERP software suites, and Informatica, an independent provider of data integration software, announced a strategic partnership to deliver the first cloud computing-based solution for deploying two-tier ERP systems.

Informatica Cloud seamlessly integrates data processed by NetSuite OneWorld at the division or department level with on-premise systems, such as SAP R/3 and Oracle Applications at the enterprise level. This new solution is particularly suited for multinational companies with multiple subsidiaries operating across diverse markets, and offering products and services through many different channels.

With a two-tier ERP infrastructure, the existing SAP or Oracle system serves as the hub at the enterprise level and is augmented with more flexible and cost effective cloud ERP solutions, such as NetSuite OneWorld, at the subsidiary or divisional level. Informaticas cloud data integration solution enables integration between the on-premise enterprise system and cloud divisional systems.

Using Informatica cloud data integration for two-tier ERP, enterprises benefit by accelerated consolidation, real-time visibility into subsidiary performance, local flexibility and control. And, as NetSuite can be deployed far more rapidly than conventional on-premise ERP, enterprises can standardize systems and process in weeks or months, not years.

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