Product 2.0: Autodesk Does Green Design

Product 2.0: Autodesk Does Green Design

Dashboard prototype performs sustainability analysis during design phase.

Autodesk has recently announced the development of a sustainability analysis dashboard. Produced through its partnership with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the prototype is a dashboard that works within building design software (such as the Autodesk Revit Platform) in conjunction with LEED building standards.

With the sustainability analysis dashboard, an engineer or architect could theoretically measure the environmental impacts of their design during each step of the design process and, subsequently, measure how many points it will give them toward LEED certification. This will not only help designers make environmentally responsible decisions during the design phase, but will also help streamline the lengthy LEED certification application process.

Quite a few manufacturers are looking into LEED certification for facilities; read their stories at

Autodesk has produced a video describing the sustainability analysis dashboard concept, available at

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