Product 2.0: Brainware's Intelligent Data Capture

Product 2.0: Brainware's Intelligent Data Capture

"Intelligent" solution for sorting/storing documents can cut manual data entry by 60% to 80%

For companies processing large volumes of documents (i.e., 1,000 or more a day), template-based data extraction simply isnt feasible -- or it creates more work than it saves. Moreover, intelligent features cannot be reverseengineered into a data-capture solution that was initially designed as a template-driven, keyword-based extraction tool. Two key features include:

Its ability to recognize and classify documents and data automatically, regardless of layout or format

Its ability to "auto-learn" new classifications and extraction procedures based on earlier examples

According to the company, these attributes cannot be retrofitted onto older, template-based technologies.

Brainware, Inc.'s IDC-distiller is an automated solution that uses intelligent data capture (IDC) and template-free extraction from any document. IDC-distiller enables template-free access to data within any type of document, however its formatted or stored. addition, IDC-distiller's table extraction capabilities automatically cull data from complex, extensive line-item tables found in large (i.e., 100-page) invoices, purchase orders, etc.

Packaged in an easy-to-use interface, IDC-distiller typically cuts manual data entry by 60% to 80% -- right out of the box. And, by automatically validating and posting high percentages of documents directly to your SAP back end, IDC-distiller enables your employees to focus more on serving customers and less on processing data manually. For more information, visit

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