Red Hat offers Market-first Open Source SOA Platform

Solution designed to help businesses integration applications, services and process to accelerate enterprise transformation

Open source solutions giant Red Hat recently announced the global availability of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, a next-generation, enterprise-class, open source solution for organizations seeking to enhance business performance by integrating people, partners, information, applications, business services and processes in the value chain. The solution provides Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), application and business-process integration capabilities in a single, easy-to-consume enterprise distribution. The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is the first comprehensive open source SOA product offering, designed to accelerate business execution within and across enterprises. The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform can help enable greater business performance more simply, openly and cost-effectively than proprietary SOA platforms.

According to the company, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is intended to maximize flexibility in a wide array of deployment scenarios from small-scale integration projects to enterprise-wide SOA integration.

Built from open source projects such as JBoss ESB, JBoss jBPM and JBoss Rules, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform offers a light-weight footprint and simple installation for low-cost operations.

It is designed to aid organizations in improving and enhancing business execution by:

  • Simplifying application integration -- using a Service Oriented Architecture
  • Eliminating manual pain points from business processes -- by automating formerly manual business activities
  • Reducing business processes error -- through the reduction and elimination of unnecessary manual intervention in the business process
  • Creating better customer experiences -- with fewer errors in data processing, enabling faster customer service delivery
  • Enhancing enterprise scalability and reliability -- building on mature open source projects and providing clustering, fail-over and load balancing needed for best-of-breed SOA deployments

The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform also supports a growing ecosystem of SOA partners, including: Active Endpoints, Amberpoint, Information Builders and iWay Software, SeeWhy, SOA Software and Vitria Technology. These partners add value to JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform deployments with their governance, security, registry and repository, tools, business process automation and activity monitoring and enterprise adapter solutions.

Expected to be available by the end of February, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform subscription includes certified product access, technical support that includes code upgrades, revisions and updates, customer support portal, documentation and long-term enterprise stability.

For more information about Red Hat solutions, visit or

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