With Eye on Mobility, Adept Acquires MobileRobots

June 21, 2010
Vision-guided robotics manufacturer looks to bring robots into unstructured environments, like hospitals and offices.

In a move aimed at bringing robotic technologies into new market space, intelligent vision-guided robotics manufacturer Adept Technology recently acquired MobileRobots Inc., a provider of autonomous robot and automated guided vehicle technologies.

The acquisition allows Adept to venture into unstructured environments and beyond those of traditional repetitive task robot applications. MobileRobots' platforms are able to navigate in unstructured environments, such as hospitals, warehouses and offices, with demand flexibility in delivering supplies, components and parts within complex floor plans and crowded environments.

Terms of the acquisition are believed to approach $4.5 million, between cash and stock exchanges.

"With this acquisition, Adept strengthens its ability to develop and deliver highly flexible automation solutions aligned with the needs and demands of our target markets," said John Dulchinos, chief executive at Adept Technology, in a statement. "We are clearly focused on removing the challenges and costs associated with manual and less sophisticated means of moving critical components through production environments in a flexible manner and MobileRobots extends this value proposition beyond our industry's traditional application areas."

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