Fujitsu Develops Technology for Wireless Charging System

Sept. 13, 2010
Can recharge several mobile devices at once, without cables. Expected to hit market by 2012.

Researchers at Fujitsu Laboratories have developed a wireless charging technology that can replenish the batteries of several devices simultaneously and without the need for any cables.

The system, which will be unveiled at a technical conference in Japan this week, is expected to begin appearing on the market in mobile phones and related products as soon as 2012, according to Fujitsu.

As mobility and wireless gadgets multiply in volume across society, developers have increasingly sought to develop a technology that would rid consumers of the clutter of chargers and cables around their homes and offices.

Fujitsus system is a breakthrough in that it uses a magnetic field analysis simulator, in which power can be wirelessly sent between two coils that are tuned to resonate at the same frequency.

The new technique was used in one three-device analysis that ran 150 times faster than with earlier methods, the company said. Using its designs, power can be transmitted with at least 85% efficiency to devices in range of the charging station.

Fujitsus design simulator promises not only more compact power transmitters and receivers, but will also enable manufacturers to develop chargers more quickly.

These technologies represent the worlds first practical magnetic resonance design simulator, which enables rapid and precise designs for transmitters and receivers according to the desired resonance requirements, Fujitsu said in a statement. Manufacturers will be able to design charging systems in 1/150th of the time currently required.

The technology will be presented on Sept. 14 at the conference of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), in Osaka, Japan.

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