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What’s New? These San Diego Inventors Have the Answer

Aug. 23, 2016
The annual inventor's contest at the San Diego Inventors Forum produces a wealth of "innovative, unique, and useful" products. Here are the winners and other leading contestants.

Ten companies competed for the best consumer product of the year at the annual invention contest of the San Diego Inventors Forum on August 11 at Coleman University. The San Diego Inventors Forum (SDIF) has been the nursery for hundreds of ideas of San Diego inventors for over 10 years.

The San Diego Inventors Forum is a non-profit organization that provides a year-long education program at monthly meetings where keynote speakers cover the full spectrum of what inventors need to know to go from capturing a design concept to how to get their product to the market. I have been involved with SDIF for seven years, first as a member of the steering committee and mentor to inventors, and now as a director on the board after SDIF incorporated in 2014.

Our meetings cover topics such as harnessing creativity, patents, trademarks & copyrights, licensing, video and internet marketing for inventors, finding funding/investors, and planning and giving presentations. I give one of the presentations each year on "Manufacturing 101 – how to select the right processes and sources for your products." All of our meeting presentations have been videotaped for the past three years and can be viewed on YouTube and are linked at the SDIF website.

At the end of each year, SDIF hosts a competition where 10 inventors have the opportunity to present their product to an audience of 75 – 100 people. Audience members vote to determine which inventors receive the top prizes ─ 1st prize is $1000, second is $500, and third wins $250.

President Adrian Pelkus said, "This was one of the most competitive contests we have ever had. Each of the products was so innovative, unique, and useful that it was tough to choose the best consumer product. There was only a five vote spread between the first place winner and the third place winner."

The winner was Greg Wawrzyniak for his PaintWell Caddy. The two models attach easily to any kind of a belt and hold the brush and roller in place with embedded magnets when not being used. The small size holds a small roller and paintbrush for painting trim and the larger size holds a large roller and brush for painting walls. For further information, contact Greg at [email protected].

Second place went to Dean McBain for his Alive Iris Biometric security system solution that comprises a dual parallel authentication ID system that analyzes an individual's iris independently. The system identifies the individual as well as verifying the "alive" status simultaneously. For further information, go to

Third place winner was Dan Garcia and Kirsten Hanson Garcia for their Sipsee – the only universal, sanitary, reusable, portable bottle plug. The Sipsee enables you to immediately be able to identify your bottle among a myriad of identical bottles at home, parties, sporting events, picnics, campsites, and other places. The plug has a cover that can be attached to a lanyard or key chain for handy use. For further information, contact [email protected] or go to their website

Other contestants were:

Marvin Rosenthal for his Enforcer dog leash ─  a innovative leash with three ergonomically designed handles to allow owners/handlers to choose how much control they have over their dog, and especially designed for military or law enforcement applications. For further information, contact [email protected].

Van Dexter Duez for his Pieceptions – an easy to use baking device that allow you to create two pies in one for flavorful combinations, as pumpkin and pecan, cherry and chocolate silk, and spinach and Lorraine quiche. For further information, contact [email protected].

Robson Spiane for his Pro Rise seat assist product that allows seniors, wounded veterans and post-surgical individuals to rise from their seats independently without motors, pistons or hydraulics. It allows an individual to use their upper body to assist their legs in rising up or descending into a seated position. It is portable and can be secured to many types of seating. For further information, go to

Josh Rifkin for his Bit Viper ─ a right angle hand tool that holds two interchangeable bits in one small, easy to use tool. For further information, contact [email protected].

Tam Phuong Tran for his patented, new age eating utensil that makes grabbing and picking up food easier than traditional chopsticks. For further information, contact [email protected]

Alex Robertson for his Lumasoothe Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) device to provide an advanced, cost-effective, non-surgical home treatment  for pets that are suffering from various conditions, including arthritis, back pain, wounds, hair loss, skin discolorations, and more. For further information, contact Luma-Tech, LLC at

A Hotbed of Innovation

The San Diego Inventors Forum is one of 45 different accelerator or incubator programs in San Diego County, and San Diego is a hotbed of innovation. One of the more well-known accelerator programs is the CONNECT Springboard program that helps to create and scale great innovation companies through access to the resources that entrepreneurs and growing companies need most – People, Capital, & Technology. I joined the team of Connect mentors last year and had the pleasure of mentoring a company that came in second in the San Diego Inventors Forum invention contest last August – Bixpy for their lightweight water jet system that adds propulsion to water sports and can be used by kayakers, standup paddle boarders, divers and other water-sports enthusiasts. Houman Nikmanesh, founder and president of Bixpy, just graduated from the CONNECT Springboard program in July. SDIF has often been a "feeder" organization for entrepreneurs who want to found a company rather than license their technology.

The San Diego region has long been a hot bed of innovation. In fact, a report released in April by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office “shows that the San Diego region comes in ninth for the number of technology patents granted with over 34,000 patents, among other metropolitan areas from 2000-2013.

The amount of technological intellectual property granted in the region has more than doubled in the last decade, with 4,805 patents awarded in San Diego County in 2013, up from 1,724 patents in 2000. The region had a total of 34,605 patents from 2000-2013."

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However, according to an article in the L. A. Times on July 13, 2013, "the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which ranks cities around the world by calculating 'patent density,' or the number of patents produced per a certain level of residents" ranked San Diego as the second most innovative city in the world. The OECD ranked Eindhoven, a city in the Netherlands, as the most innovative city in the world that year.

"Eindhoven, for example, churned out 22.6 patents for every 10,000 residents, dramatically outpacing the 9 patents per 10,000 residents produced by San Diego. The top 10 list includes four American cities and 6 European ones. San Francisco follows San Diego at No. 3, while Boston clocks in at the seventh spot and Minneapolis at No. 9."

The San Diego Inventors Forum is a member organization of United Inventors Association of America (UIAA), and our SDIF president, Adrian Pelkus, is on the board of directors. He also participated with other members of in testifying before a Congressional committee in Washington, D. C. in opposition to legislation that would have destroyed the patent system as we know it (H.R.9, The Innovation Act and S.1137, The Patent Act).

The availability of Kickstarter and other crowdfunding mechanisms is providing the opportunity for inventors to get their products into the marketplace faster than ever. It has been exciting to see the successful launching of new products of so many of our San Diego Inventors Forum members in the past two years.

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