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Google Talks About Glass -- I Talk About Dogs

Feb. 20, 2013
Today's Brave New World moment: Google attempts to show what their Google Glass "heads up" smartphone/headset hybrid technology will look/feel like as a user experience. I then attempt to show how your family dog might be involved...

Today software/hardware/advertising/everything giant Google released a video which attempts to show what this "heads up" smartphone/glasses hybrid technology will look/feel like as a user experience. 

With hot air balloons, rollercoasters, mountain biking in Manhattan and other thrill-seeking activities (as well as ballet dancing, fashion catwalking and other cultural activities), the video is certainly visually stunning -- more stunning, even, than the skydiving/rappelling/mountain bike riding stunt at the public launch of the the Glass project.

See the new video below.

Two things we learned today that bear a quick comment from me: 

#1. Supposedly, Google is "not planning" to advertise on the device. "We're more interested in making the hardware available," a rep tells Mashable.

#2. According to The Drum, there's a crowdsourced innovation campaign currently running called #IfIHadGlass. "Lucky" winners will get the chance to buy their own pair when they become available, for the low, low price (in Silicon Valley dollars, at least) of $1500. (Hashtags here, "Bashtags" here.) 

On point #1 - I actually believe Google on this point. They don't need to find ways to advertise on Glass - those of us working at the leading edge of the emerging platforms space will find a way to communicate on behalf of our clients. For example, premium optics upgrades that come with ad placements on in-view objects. As I told a buddy of mine who was complaining that he and his dog don't do rockclimbing, ballet, or any of the other things shown in the video, "Dogs have been used already to sell 9 of 10 products. We will place ads on your dog's behind if we have to." See below image from Techcrunch for proof. 

On point #2 - $1500/ea. sounds like a nice margin. Maybe not iPhone 1 launch margins, but still. That's the price for the winners. 

And you best believe I'm entered. See my post here. And give it a +1 - but only if you love dogs.

One last point: Based on past history, I thought for sure the "Apple glasses" that are reportedly in development would look a little more stylish than Google's product, but this image from the patent application certainly isn't reassuring on that score.

What IS that? A roller derby helmet?

What do you think? Would YOU wear either of these? 

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