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Partnership Addresses RFID Sensing and Data Logging Challenges

Phase IV Engineering and Melexis link to design RFID sensor applications.

Phase IV Engineering recently announced a partnership with Melexis to create sensor tags based on the Melexis MLX90129 high frequency RFID enabled resistive sensor integrated circuit.

The two companies hope to develop a new technology, based off the Melexis integrated circuit, that can overcome a series of RFID sensing and data logging challenges.

Phase IV Engineering originally focused on low frequency RFID sensor tags, but has since pushed into the high frequency range (13.56MHz). Melexis, meanwhile, has promoted sensor tag ICs over the last decade and extended its range into the semiconductor industry.

Phase IVs real core competency is providing complete sensing solutions for the wireless and embedded sensing problems that customers from a very wide variety of industries bring us, said Scott Dalgleish, COO at Phase IV Engineering in a statement. With the MLX90129, we can very effectively provide great solutions to many sensing projects we would have previously turned-away. The advanced features of the MLX90129 opened up many new markets for us, so we eagerly embraced it.

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