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Jan. 9, 2009
New solutions on the market

CA Clarity Project and Portfolio Manager for New Product Development provides comprehensive product portfolio management, streamlined idea-to-launch management and detailed requirements planning capabilities. The solution from CA provides the ability to track product development priorities and resources in a portfolio view. Users can view product portfolio composition and status and see real-time comparisons between planned product costs and resources and actual results. Integrated requirements planning capabilities automatically compile roadmaps with product-specific plans, and assign projects based on available resource capacity. In addition, the solution is bundled with best practices content.

CADfeature 8.2.1 from Elysium captures design intent and remasters data from one computer-aided design system to another. New capabilities of the feature-based software include a remastering tool that updates data to reflect the latest revisions to feature-based parts and assemblies; a standard part mapping tool that recognizes the source of CAD parts and automatically replaces them, without translation, with identical ones from libraries in the target CAD; and an incremental translation capability that checks for previously translated parts and substitutes the existing file for the new source part on subsequent translations. Additional tools are a metadata attribute mapping tool and an automated geometry verification process.

Dassault Systemes says one of the key enhancements of Abaqus 6.8 Extended Functionality, its finite element analysis software suite from Simulia, is particularly useful for simulating welded automotive and aerospace components. The Abaqus/CAE modeling techniques for spot weld and fasteners lets users create attachment points that follow a model edge or conform to a regular pattern. Additionally, a low-density foam model in Abaqus/Explicit enables automotive engineers to simulate energy-absorbing materials in crash applications, while a selective subcycling feature helps engineers in defense and shipbuilding evaluate the realistic behavior of very large structures common to those industries.

Pro/Engineer Manikin, a digital modeling solution from PTC, lets designers add a three-dimensional human to a CAD product model to simulate human and product interactions. One module allows users to insert, customize and manipulate standards-based 3-D human models. Designers can gain a first-person perspective of a product and "see" what the manikin "sees." The module also allows users to understand what limits may exist in a design. A second module lets users simulate and optimize manual handling tasks by validating them against published standards and guidelines.

CAM Express version 6.0.1 from Siemens PLM Software comprises the core CAM component of Siemens' Velocity Series portfolio, including synchronous technology, the software firm's history-free, feature-based design technology. This latest release includes the ability to edit multi-CAD data as though it were native, and to speed up those edits. Additional edit functions include tools for wireframe, surface extraction, sewing projections and simple solids. Version 6.0.1 allows NC programmers to make required changes without waiting for model refreshes or customer edits.

Thomson Innovation 2.0 from Thomson Reuters is an intellectual property research and analysis solution that now includes enhancements such as English translations of the titles, abstracts and all claims for Chinese utility models and Chinese applications from 2007 to the present; a clustering tool that categorizes patent documents through linguistic analysis of text found in user-selected fields; and tracking functionality that allows centralized control of managing research done across an organization, including reporting options for client chargebacks and cost allocation.

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