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Oct. 8, 2008
A look at some innovative solutions.

The latest release of Alibre Design effectively doubles the size of assemblies that can be handled and includes significant 2-D drawing speed enhancements. Following the largest beta testing program in Alibre's history, Version 11.0 of the 3-D CAD software emerged with a drag-and-drop constraint mode that provides visual feedback and real-time editing to make constraining parts in assemblies much faster. New with the latest version is Alibre Vault by M-Files, a comprehensive product data management system that includes extensive security and collaboration options.

Anaqua Express, an intellectual asset management software from Anaqua, is packaged and priced for small to mid-sized enterprises. The comprehensive solution for managing inventions, patents, trademarks and other intellectual assets can be installed onsite or is available as an online ASP service. Patent management tools include online invention disclosures, invention management, patent filing and prosecution, and portfolio management tools. Trademark management includes trademark search, registration and renewal, and global country rules and updates. Additional modules are available to manage intellectual property analysis projects, agreements, conflicts and financial operations.

Gerber Technology has introduced Accumark VStitcher Version 4.3, a virtual 3-D design and simulation software for the fashion industry. The solution allows users to view their fashions on an array of avatars with modifiable body parts and poses. Its advanced simulation features provide the ability to represent fabric thickness and edge definition. VStitcher by Browzwear offers a Web-based collaboration tool to aid communication among globally dispersed design participants. Its interface integrates with Gerber's AccuMark pattern design, grading and marker making software to speed the transition of 2-D patterns to 3-D garments.

Siemens PLM Software promises expanded functionality with its latest release of JT2Go. New functionality of the 3-D visualization solution, which enables users to more effectively work with digital models created in the JT format, includes viewing product manufacturing information such as dimensions and tolerances directly off digital models. New measurement tools make accurate dimensional information readily available, while the ability to show cross sections of the JT models offers a better understanding of design details. The solution is available at no cost.

Dassault Systemes' Simulia introduces Isight for Abaqus, an add-on product for Abaqus FEA software that provides design exploration and optimization technology. The software lets users explore thousands of design options among competitive choices. It also supports parallel submission of optimization, Monte Carlo and Design of Experiments jobs on multiprocessor machines or with third-party scheduling software. Additionally, gradient and genetic algorithms optimize design performance for structural, thermal, acoustic and other performance attributes.

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