Product Development Solutions

Nov. 7, 2008
Solutions for the product development professional

EnSuite Version 2, a multi-CAD viewing and translation software from CCE, can transform and rotate components in heterogeneous and homogeneous assemblies and improve markup collaboration capabilities. The new features improve the ability of EnSuite users to work with assemblies created by inserting components from a single or multiple CAD systems. In the previous version, components could be moved to create the assembly but were fixed from then on. The new feature lets users, for example, evaluate a mechanism by moving components through their full range of motion. The new version of EnSuite also stores markup and CAD data in a single file to simplify communications.

LMS Imagine.Lab Fuel Cells simulation solution helps fuel cell manufacturers design and optimize fuel cell stacks and systems via a one-dimensional modeling environment. Users of this software from engineering solutions provider LMS can size components, optimize architecture and geometries, and develop and test control strategies. Options for electrochemical researchers include the ability to integrate and test different gas mixtures and material solutions, and predict real-life reactions.

New versions of DesignConcept Auto and DesignConcept TechTex from Lectra aim to help manufacturers in the automotive and industrial fabrics industries estimate production costs as early as the design phase. A new automatic marker-making module gives project leaders detailed information about the different fabric savings possible for each design option. Both solutions shorten the prototyping phase and analyze feasibility according to the characteristics of the fabric. The feasibility analyses are guided by objective criteria that include evaluation of the fabric's tension and distortion, its resistance to constraints, material consumption, and more. Manufacturers also can add their own materials and associated characteristics into the DesignConcept Auto and DesignConcept TechTex library.

The latest version of Solid Edge 2D Drafting software from Siemens PLM Software is available free for download in 10 languages. Siemens began offering its 2D Drafting product at no cost two years ago to ease the transition from 2D to 3D for its small to mid-sized customers. The software, which is the standalone 2D CAD component of the Velocity Series portfolio, includes capabilities such as drawing layout, diagramming, annotation and dimensioning controls that automatically comply with drafting standards such as ISO, ANSI, BSI and DIN. The latest product enhancements, added to ease the transition to 3D, include parametric 2D sketching concepts. This allows smart profile development that can be reused later to directly develop 3D models.

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