Mesh of the Titans: Rockwell and Dassault Integrate the Digital Factory

Dec. 20, 2007
Rockwell Automation and Dassault Systmes to Enable Virtual Design & Production Environment

Joint solution will redefine how the mechanical engineer and the control engineer collaborate to reduce time to market and drive down costs

Industrial automation power, control and information solutions provider Rockwell Automation and 3D and product life cycle management (PLM) solutions provider Dassault Systmes recently announced that they will develop a joint solution to bring about a virtual design and production environment.

The virtual design and production environment more closely links product design to manufacturing and will serve manufacturers, such as those in the automotive industry -- addressing the needs of brand owners, tiered suppliers and machine builders.

Company representatives state that the solution will help enable collaborative mechanical and control design with bidirectional synchronization. As a result, immediate feedback will be available on design changes, thus enabling the testing of various "what if" scenarios in order to continuously optimize manufacturing operations. According to the companies involved, customer benefits include quicker commissioning of manufacturing operations and optimized production performance.

Each company has mined its customer knowledge to create complementary manufacturing engineering technologies, built around object-oriented data models for representing devices and operations. This collaboration should help increase efficiencies in the design process and ultimately minimize the time between design and delivery, as engineers involved in all stages of design will have the ability to make adjustments in real-time, incorporating, preserving and augmenting knowledge rapidly across various stages of the production life cycle.

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