Welcome to the Future: Aeromobil's Flying Car is Ready for Takeoff

It's official: We are living in the future.

We've been closing in on the future for a while now – we already have pocket computers, friendly robots, replicators, AI, smart watches and just about every other Star Trek gadget we were promised.

All that was missing was the flying car.

But now Aeromobil has that covered, too.

The Aeromobil 3.0 is the latest model in the company's 24-year flying car project. It is straight out of science fiction—streamlined, futuristic and bizarre, it somehow crams 50 years' worth of comic book expectations into a workable system. Which is to say, a car that actually flies.

This latest design was released this week as the company prepares its "Flying Roadster" for the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria on Oct. 29.

From there, maybe it will take to the skies near you.  We can only hope. (Or dread.)

For a complete breakdown, check out the story over at MotorAuthority.

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