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2013 IndustryWeek Best Plants Winners [SLIDESHOW]

Manufacturing excellence is alive and well in North America. Remarkable manufacturing facilities with remarkable team members and leaders are delivering remarkable results. They are doing so in the face of intense global competition, increasing cost pressures and ever-more-demanding customers. They are doing so even as the bar is raised for what defines excellence.

Such excellence deserves recognition. For the 24th consecutive year, IndustryWeek is pleased to announce the winners of the annual IW Best Plants competition, our salute to manufacturing excellence across North America.

Read the stories of the 2013 IndustryWeek Best Plants winners and be inspired in your own pursuit of operational excellence. Even more, do what the IW Best Plants always do -- collect the good ideas. Meet with your team. Determine whether those good ideas make sense in your own operations or spur even bigger ideas. Aim to excel.

View our slideshow of the 2013 IW Best Plants winners, and learn more about their remarkable achievements.

Read more on the IndustryWeek Best Plants coverage.

See the IW Best Plants winners at the 2014 IW Best Plants Conference.

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