Disaster Recovery

Dec. 21, 2004
Power Outage Tips

Last year a survey of business-continuity software users revealed that 38% have activated a disaster-recovery plan, says Brian Turley, president, Strohl Systems Inc., King of Prussia, Pa. He offers the following tips for power outages, the most common business-continuity planning challenge his software users face:

  • Develop, maintain and regularly test your business-continuity plan.
  • Power outages affect entire regions -- not just one business. Ensure that the scope of the plan considers regional outages.
  • Keep all employee contact information current.
  • Make sure alternate sites are not on the same power grid.
  • Airports and regional transportation may be shut down. Be prepared to recover without out-of-town personnel.
  • Stockpile food, potable water, medical supplies, flashlights and batteries for the command center.
  • Install and regularly test gas-powered generators. Know their limitations. Are they capable of running for many hours or days at a time?
  • Ensure that all critical computers operate on an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).
  • Make provisions for transportation of key employees who rely on public transportation.
  • Purchase business-interruption insurance.

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