Making Innovation Systematic, Repeatable And Measurable

March 2, 2007
New web resource.

Recently, a Website,, was launched by The Institute for Lean Innovation, based in Mackinac Island, Mich. The goal is to provide innovators with tools, methods, applications and support services to make innovation systematic, repeatable and measurable at their organization.

The cube is comprised of six sides that focus on different aspects of innovation.

Side one calibrates the innovation quest and:

  • Focuses innovation goals,
  • Clarifies boundaries & hurdles,
  • Identifies all domain stakeholders, and
  • Predicts forces that will impact the innovation (marketplace, technology & competitive environment.)

Side two surfaces ways to deliver new value and:

  • Shows the eight core values all customers seek,
  • Gives you a "lens" for evaluating your value delivery performance, as well as your competitor's,
  • Acts as voice of the customer tool, and
  • Helps you create your Value Strategy.

Side three reveals the enemies of value and:

  • Helps you both avoid, and take advantage of these "Enemies of Value,"
  • Guides you in using these for finding unmet customer wants,
  • Shows how to prevent these in all Four Domains, and
  • Enables you to baseline these in order to understand and minimize them.

Side four identifies elements that deliver customer value and:

  • Gives you an "architecture of Things" for systematically improving the customer experience,
  • Identifies your major targets for innovation improvement,
  • Focuses your innovation search, and
  • Helps you "see" value improvement opportunities in a new way.

Side five helps to systematically find new ideas

  • Creates matrix for applying Ideas to Things to solve Wants,
  • Gives you the eight questions for surfacing new ideas,
  • Focuses your innovation search, and
  • Shows you examples of how others have used same thinking.

Side six measure innovation solutions and:

  • Compares new solutions against "current state" baselines,
  • Enables side-by-side comparison of many different solutions,
  • Helps you "screen" many innovations to find the best, and
  • Sets up measurement system that goes well beyond "Cost, Schedule & Technical Performance."

Innovation Cube

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