GC 25 At A Glance

Dec. 21, 2004
Performance: Three-Year Growth*
  • Revenues increased by median of 50% (average 93%)
  • Profits increased by median of 197% (average 251%)
  • Customer base increased by median of 40% (average 244%)
  • Supply base increased by median of 23% (average 43%) Investments: Three Years*
  • Capital-equipment spending median 4% of sales (average 13% of sales)
  • IT spending median 2% of sales (average 4%)
  • R&D spending median 5% of sales (average 10%)
  • Spending on training median 5% of labor costs (average 7%) Manufacturing Practices**
  • 88% inventory-reduction strategies
  • 88% predictive/preventive maintenance
  • 84% quick-changeover techniques
  • 84% safety-prevention programs
  • 84% bottleneck/constraint removal strategies Human-Resource Practices**
  • 96% company-wide information sharing with employees.
  • 92% employee benefits programs
  • 92% employee cross-training programs * Not all application questions received a response from each of the GC25. ** Some or wide adoption of practice among the GC25.
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