Improved Tool to Capture Global Best Practices

Aug. 7, 2008
Apriso releases FlexNet Version 9.4 Service Pack 1

Apriso, a provider of adaptive software solutions for global Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), recently announced its FlexNet Version 9.4 Service Pack 1 which supports improved governance of global manufacturing systems, complex sequencing and expanded containment management spanning production, warehouse, supply chain and quality processes.

"FlexNet 9.4 SP1 lets our customers better manage the governance of their global manufacturing processes with new administration capabilities, advanced process deployment controls and enhanced electronic signature features," explains Tom Comstock, senior vice president, product management and marketing for Apriso. "These updates allow our manufacturing customers to better lock down their global best practices, yet still modify local processes as needed, at each site. Electronic signatures help ensure only authorized personnel perform or change processes, while maintaining full traceability across multiple sites."

The expanded capabilities help manufacturers to immediately identify, hold, locate and inspect potential non-compliance materials, which may then be quarantined, returned or disposed. The solution enables corrective action to be taken against all elements of manufacturing, including equipment, materials, tooling, labor and suppliers. Its Just-In-Sequence (JIS) enables manufacturers to sequence material flows and manufacturing activities for a complex mix of products and sequences material flows across production, quality and warehousing activities.

Other updates include new processes for sampling and quality inspection and expanded support for more complex governance and digital signature requirements, such as those dictated by the US FDA in its 21 CFR-Part 11 regulations.

Apriso customers include General Motors, Lear, Honeywell, L'Oreal, Trixell, Lockheed Martin, Becton Dickinson, Saint-Gobain, Novelis and Essilor.

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