Renewable Chemicals Corp. to use Sugar Cane Ethanol to Manufacture Renewable Chemicals

July 31, 2008
Will serve consumer packaging, energy, materials and polymer industries

Industrial Biotechnology Corp. recently announced the formation of its subsidiary, Renewable Chemicals Corp. which will produce chemicals utilizing sugar-cane based ethanol as feedstock source material instead of petroleum. RCC plans to produce these renewable chemicals customized to the specific sustainability and pricing requirements of the consumer packaging, energy, agricultural, pesticides, materials and polymer industries.

"There is tremendous market interest for plastics derived from renewable, sustainable sources," says CEO Andy Badolato. "Major retailers, consumer product companies, and the packaging and plastics industries are working together to implement solutions to lessen our dependence upon foreign oil and to reduce global warming. The utilization of sugar cane ethanol as a chemical feedstock is the next logical step, after its use as an alternative fuel."

IBC production processes are eco-efficient and apply and adhere to sustainable practices and standards. IBC accomplishes this with the ALCHEMx Production Platforms, which integrates technologies, sustainable manufacturing, and distribution with supply chain partners to meet customer needs and pricing requirements.

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