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Book Notes: 'The Innovative Communicator'

May 21, 2013
"More face-to-face communication between people drives business performance, increases profits and makes them sustainable," Miti Ampoma, author of "The Innovative Communicator"

In her book, "The Innovative Communicator: putting the soul back into business communication" Miti Ampoma issued a call to action of sorts.

She urged those in business to ensure human communication rises above the din of technology, especially in a world in which electronic communication often replaces face-to-face interaction.

“We have a fundamental need still to communicate face to face, through language and speech, an authentic experience many people crave for in a business world of increasingly soulless emails, multiple electronic devices and voice activated speech,” Ampoma said. “Devices alone make us more connected than ever, but not to each other.”

She said innovative communication is the end result when technology supports, rather than disrupts, communication in the office.

Such communication, however, cannot be limited to a few experts, she said. Rather, it needs to be embraced by the entire company, become a strategy.

“It’s our interdependency and true connections with others that makes us flourish and feel valued, and this is equally true of the relationships and bonds we form and develop and are receivers of in business,” Ampoma said.

In her book, Ampoma profiled executives who see their business thriving, not because of a particular savvy but respect in the eyes of customers and employees alike. 

Ampoma is a public relations and communications consultant. Previously, she worked as a television news journalist and documentary producer-director.

Book Notes is a series about books on leadership topics, giving potential readers insight on the lessons to be learned from reading the texts.

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