Survey Says: "Whole Brained" Corporations Profit From Convergence

Jan. 9, 2008
Survey shows that convergence of business and information technology has big payoff for leading firms

Nonprofit research think-tank the BTM Institute recently released a research report that shows enterprises with converged business technology management have markedly increased financial performance and exhibit superior revenue growth and net margins.

The Index breaks down to market segments and shows how convergence affects different enterprises and how they compare to each other. (Global 2000 corporations across 50 industries including UPS, Wal-Mart, Starwood, Lockheed Martin.)

Supported by a framework that measures the correlation of business and technology convergence and bottom line performance, the report attempts to translate the current buzzwords "agility", "innovation", "adaptability" into demonstrable actions that lead to better financial performance.

According to BTM founder Faisal Hoque
, whatever the nature of the firm -- whether a new hybrid or a large traditional organization -- the management practices that create convergence can enable any firm to realize its strategic mission.

To download a copy of the full research report in .pdf format, please visit:

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Brad Kenney | Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Kenney is the former Technology Editor of IndustryWeek and now serves as director of the mobile/social platforms practice at R/GA, a global marketing/advertising firm in New York City.

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