New Project Says 'Green IT begins with Green Data'

Oct. 15, 2007
New resource site for corporate planners seeking a strategic approach to greening their IT operations

The Data Management Institute and Archive (AMO) recently launched a joint initiative to develop a strategic approach for Data Center greening.

The Green Data Project is an international online community, resource site and web publication focused on managing electronic data in order to reduce electrical power demands in corporate IT.

Many analysts contend that servers will shortly be overtaken by storage arrays as the biggest power hogs in the corporate data center. Driving the acquisition of storage capacity is a general failure of companies to manage their data, which is stored on expansive storage infrastructure.

Assessments of storage systems performed by Sun Microsystems have found that only about 30% of the space on any hard disk is actually hosting relevant and frequently accessed information. An additional 40% of the data on disk may be important to retain for regulatory or historical reasons, but is so rarely accessed that it could be readily migrated into an archival repository -- preferably one constructed using near- or off-line media, like tape or optical, that consume little or no electricity. The balance of the capacity of a typical disk drive contains contraband or orphaned data, and wasted space that could be better managed to forestall the need to buy more power hungry data storage capacity.

The Green Data Project argues that throwing more disk arrays to achieve data center power efficiency, or adding the complexities of thin provisioning software, de-duplication software, or compression software, does not constitute a strategic or permanent solution to the twin problems of storage growth and burgeoning power demands.

While there is nothing wrong with technologies like data compression and de-duplication, Green Data Project leaders argue that the value of these technologies is limited and tactical. They can buy time that companies can put to good use sorting out their storage "junk drawers" and putting archiving programs in place.

The Green Data Project will advance this perspective through a web community approach. Toigo offers that Green Data Project is the first international collaboration between vendors and consumers and will develop meaningful guidelines and best practices for use by companies that are serious about data center operations greening.

Green Data Project is the first initiative of the recently launched Archive Management.Org and brings together vendor sponsors and technology consumers to expose the root causes of growing data center power demands so they can be addressed effectively.

The Green Data Project is a completely free resource, providing easy access to information about archiving best practices and products. Visitors who register will also be able to comment on articles, ask questions and report on their own strategies for data management and archiving.

Early sponsors of the Green Data Project include FileTek, Clearview Software, QStar Technologies, KOM Networks, Plasmon, Caringo, C2C Systems, CA, Data Islandia, and Zerowait. Toigo Partners International , the Data Management Institute and Archive are co-founders of the initiative. TPI Technologies is providing Web services and technical support for the initiative.

For more information, contact [email protected].

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