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The IndustryWeek 1000: Introducing the World's Largest Manufacturing Companies

Companies in the petroleum and coal products business dominate the top spots in IW's annual list of the 1000 largest public manufacturing companies around the globe.

The price of oil may be way down, but that didn't stop oil producers from reaping revenues that dominated most other manufacturing sectors in 2016. Companies in the petroleum and coal products sectors took six of the top 10 spots in the 2017 IndustryWeek 1000, our annual list of the top public manufacturers from around the world, based on revenue. 

Annual revenue for the No. 1 firm in the IW 1000 surpassed $240 billion, while the No. 10 slot brought in slightly more than $168 billion.  For seven of the manufacturing companies, revenue declined from the previous year. 

This slideshow presents the top 10 members of the 2017 IW 1000. Then take a look at the complete IW 1000 list

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