Back to the Future: 7 Developments Shaping Automotive in 2021 and Beyond

Dec. 21, 2020
Reflecting on what's ahead, after a year with very little time for reflection.

End-of-year time is always a chance to look ahead—but whoa, 2020: lots of learning in a short amount of time for the automotive industry. Companies have changed processes, worked differently, restarted after six weeks of wholesale plant shutdowns, manufactured personal protective equipment by the millions, and dealt with huge losses all in the midst of political unrest and a presidential election unlike any other in history.

What does that stew of ingenuity, challenge and change bode for the future—for automakers and their suppliers, large and small? As the curtain is drawn on the year that #%@#$, let’s shift gears, rest our literal and figurative Twitter feeds, and look at some seminal happenings that could affect automotive for the long haul.

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