Iw Leadership March Base V1

IW Members Only eBook: Leadership for the Future

April 1, 2021
Now is not the time to sit idly by. Our experts take you on a journey to what leadership will look like post-COVID and beyond, and share how you can prepare now.

Leadership is changing. The acceleration of digital technology and the changing nature of work, as well as supply chain challenges, generational divides and cataclysmic world events are making the view from the top more multi-faceted and nuanced than ever before.

In this e-book, IndustryWeek journalists and thought leaders give you the real deal—and extend a guiding hand—on what the future of leadership looks like. Protolabs’ Chris Stevens lays out a blueprint for managing future crises with the power of innovation. Leaders from Carhartt, General Motors and HP talk about how COVID taught them to do their jobs better, and partner and strategize differently. Stephen Gold and Ethan Karp, both dynamic manufacturing thinkers, address the urgency for companies to be active and invested participants in the communities where they work and serve.

Stories of successful transformation, new ways of innovating, forward-thinking approaches to making the most of your company’s strengths—they’re all here for you to explore.