Market Watch For April 2008: Material Demand

May 12, 2008
Steel in short supply while prices for natural gas and sulfuric acid move up for sixth straight month.

According to the April 2008 ISM Manufacturing Report on Business (ROB) released on May 1, more than 20 commodities registered higher prices including two that have now done so every month for half a year. Commodities are also starting to turn up on the short supply list, with caustic soda making a solo appearance in the March ROB. The new report finally adds steel to the list.

Commodities Up In Price

Aluminum (3)
Aluminum Extrusions (2)
Caustic Soda (2)
Copper (3)
Copper Laden Products (2)
Corn Syrup
Diesel Fuel (2)
Fuel Surcharges (2)
High Density Polyethylene
Natural Gas (6)
Soybean Oil
Stainless Steel -- Sheet
Steel (4)
Steel -- Cold Rolled
Sulfuric Acid (6)
Transportation Costs

Commodities Down In Price

Methanol is the only commodity reported down in price.

Commodities In Short Supply

Caustic Soda (2)

Note: The number of consecutive months the commodity is listed is indicated after each item.

Source: April 2008 Manufacturing ISM Report on Business

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