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ExxonMobil Chemicals Introduces Materials Web Site

Company provides gateway to connect designers with Santoprene product.

ExxonMobil Chemical wants industrial designers to know its products. To that end, it has launched the Web site, material experience. The site is all about Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs), one of ExxonMobil Chemical's specialty elastomer products.

ExxonMobil Chemical says its new site recognizes the role designers play in material specification. The site's concept is a series of "cards," based on designers' practice of collecting a variety of points of inspiration and reference. The cards are grouped in four pillars: inspiration, exploration, close-up and making it.

Houston-based ExxonMobil says the cards can be collected and viewed together in a feature called "My Sketchbook," which allows designers to build their own reference database and share ideas with colleagues and clients. It also allows designers to match the physical properties of Santoprene TPVs with essential product design specifications.

"The Web site provides clear, time-saving information about using Santoprene TPVs for innovative design," says Laurence Krajewski, a market development manager for ExxonMobil Chemical.

The Web site will be updated regularly to provide the latest information in the areas of design, materials and production.

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