Harbin Electric Builds First "Green" Oil Pump

May 11, 2007
New tower-type pump offers 20-30% energy reduction to energy industry

Harbin Electric, Inc., a U.S. company with operations based in Harbin, China, recently announced the successful development of a high efficiency, energy saving oil pump for the oil and gas industry.

The new Harbin product is the world's first vertical oil pump to use a large-thrust, cylindrical synchronous linear motor. The patented pumping system intelligently gauges the tension needed to mechanically lift liquid out of the wellhead, and by adjusting the power needs of the pump on a real time basis, it can save more than 20-30% of the energy needed for extraction when compared to traditional oil pumps.

A prototype of the Tower Type Oil Pump has been running at the Daqing Oilfield for one and a half years. The prototype unit has met all the necessary functional design requirements, and production units are expected to sell at an average price of USD $52,000.

Harbin Electric has applied for five Chinese patents related to this product. Three of these patents have been approved and the remaining applications are currently pending approval.

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