Introducing: Factory Talk—Secrets of Effective Plant Leaders

June 16, 2020
A new video series highlights key leaders who help drive operations “inside the four walls.”

Jamie Flinchbaugh has long been an important part of IndustryWeek's DNA. For many years, he contributed his expertise on lean leadership in the regular column “Lessons from the Road."

I am pleased to announce that he is returning for a new video series that delves into the best practices of manufacturing operations leaders—people who have a tremendous impact on company performance, employee lives and workplace culture.

In collaboration with IndustryWeek, Flinchbaugh will periodically present a video conversation with a stellar operations manager on the secrets to their success.

If you or someone you work with would like to be considered, complete this short survey and submit your name.

Flinchbaugh is the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean and founder of advisory firm JFlinch, an advisory firm that focuses on helping build cultures, capabilities, leadership, and operating systems that consistently perform and scale. He has leveraged his extensive experience to help transform over 300 companies, providing guidance on process improvements, lean strategies, and leadership coaching. His areas of expertise include continuous improvement, innovation and entrepreneurship, coaching and training, process transformation, business strategy, and organizational design.

Travis Hessman, editor-in-chief, IndustryWeek 

About the Author

Travis Hessman | Content Director

Travis Hessman is the editor-in-chief and senior content director for IndustryWeek and New Equipment Digest. He began his career as an intern at IndustryWeek in 2001 and later served as IW's technology and innovation editor. Today, he combines his experience as an educator, a writer, and a journalist to help address some of the most significant challenges in the manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on leadership, training, and the technologies of smart manufacturing.

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