Ocean Spray Is RFID Ready

In order to comply with Wal-Mart RFID requirements, Ocean Spray is using an automated RFID labeling system, supplied by RedPrairie Corp., in its Sulphur Springs, Texas facility.

Ocean Spray, a leading producer of canned and bottled juices and juice drinks, utilizes the system in a post manufacturing set-up, tagging cases of juice products.

"We selected RedPrairie based on the organization's service offering and their strength in the consumer packaged goods market. We could have selected a standalone RFID vendor, but chose RedPrairie on what may be a long term strategy of integrating RFID with a best-of-breed warehouse management system," said Ed Mahoney, Ocean Spray project manager.

Ocean Spray is using its Texas facility for an initial RFID program and will study read-rate percentages, tag application speeds, implementation time and how the system works in a production line. This data will be used to improve production as well as determine the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.

RedPrairie Corp.

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