3-D Data

Not just for engineering

Better on-time product launches is but one of the benefits that accrue for manufacturers that use their 3-D data outside of engineering. That's the word from consulting firm Aberdeen Group, which says in a recent benchmark report that best-in-class organizations are more likely than their underperforming counterparts to create 3-D design data-based deliverables within manufacturing, training, documentation, and marketing and sales.

"Use of 3-D design data by nonengineering organizations may well harken the true arrival of concurrent product development," says Chad Jackson, Aberdeen research and services director for innovation and engineering.

The report suggests firms take the following actions to get the highest return on their 3-D data:

  • Broaden access to 3-D design data to nonengineering organizations through product data management solutions.
  • Leverage 3-D design data in nonengineering deliverables by embedding them in documents and then doing the opposite: Embed text into 3-D design data as new nonengineering deliverables. Further, use HTML/XML authoring tools to create deliverables that can be published in numerous formats.

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