Time Pressure Boosts R&D And Product Development Consulting

The number of companies turning to consultants for advice on how to get new produces to market faster is increasing.

Brad Smith, vice president of research for Kenney Information Inc., explains that "time-to-market pressures across several key industries are creating higher demand for expertise that can help link product development, sourcing, and sales."

According to the Peterborough, NH-based Kennedy Information report titled, "Operations Management Consulting 2005-2008: Key Data, Trends & Forecasts", operations management (OM) consulting contributed more than half of the management consulting industry's growth for 2004. While the compound annual growth rate for all types of OM consulting is projected at 8% through 2008, the study found that the rate of growth for consulting focused on the ends of the value chain -- R&D and product development at one end, and customer interaction at the other end -- will outpace that of supply chain management.

Kennedy Information Inc.

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