Vision-Enabled Robotics Provide Manufacturers With Speed, Flexibility, Control

Manufacturers can design robots online.

A new standard for Cartesian robot speeds at higher payloads and the reduction in delivery time for the customized robots from an industry average of more than four months to approximately four weeks is the result of an arrangement between Adept Technology Inc. and Parker Hannifin Corp.

Adept Technology's specialty in robotics control and vision-guided systems combines with Parker Hannifin's expertise in manufacturing linear positioning systems to produce the new Adept Python linear module. The modules are used for a variety of manufacturing tasks -- including small parts assembly, material handling and dispensing -- in general industrial manufacturing and in industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, consumer goods, industrial tooling, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Adept Technology is based in Livermore, Calif.

Using a Web-based configuration tool, companies can specify the exact robot they need by submitting detailed design information using CAD drawings. These flexible, vision-enabled robots allow manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively adapt their production lines to meet consumer demand for more variety.

"Our relationship with Adept is based on our common vision of providing customers with high-quality, custom solutions as quickly as possible," said Ken Sweet, a general manager at Parker Hannifin Corp. which is based in Cleveland, Ohio. "From the start, we have taken a truly collaborative approach to meeting customer demand, and the result is unprecedented levels of quality and customization with a turnaround time that simply can't be matched in the industry."

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